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echo trading setup

First, watch the Echo Trading Setup tutorial video below and download the PDF to review the steps to set up your trading account.

Click Echo Trading on the left hand side of your menu. This will activate the Echo bot.
Note: you may need to download the Telegram app.

This will activate the Echo Bot to verify your account;
it will prompt you to go to

Once logged in, on the left, click “my subscriptions”

1. Connect your MetaTrader account
2. Set up a broker: there are several compatible brokers.

  • (non US)

3. Go back to website click MetaTrader on the left side, then “add metatrader”

  • Your metatrader login = account number in email, your metatrader pass = trader password in email
  • Server = (broker server name)
  • If this takes longer than 10 minutes, most likely you put in the wrong information.

4. Once complete, click on your subscriptions tab, find the product you want to connect and click configure.


First, login to back office:
  1. Get your Wallet setup: Download the Wallet ‘Create an Account’ PDF.
  2. Order Digital Profit Card. For further instructions, download the USA PDF.
  3. Stake Zoom token to earn the highest level of cash back
  4. Set up commission preference. Do this immediately after Wallet is set up. You will want to set your preference to your Digital Profit wallet or BTC. Do this before your first commission check is earned.

SECURE1475 FileCoin

First, watch the Secure 1475 dashboard explainer video.

Secure 1475 doesn’t require time management on your part. This tutorial video will show you how to access your wallet, rewards and navigate the dashboard.

Log in to your back office:

Click ‘Secure1475’ on the left hand side of the menu to login to the dashboard.

SIGMA AI setup

First, watch the Sigma AI Setup tutorial video below and download the PDF to review the steps to set up your Sigma AI account.

Click Sigma AI on the left hand side of your menu to get your Binance account connected to Sigma Ai provider Endotech. This will activate the Ai bot.


Commission close is Tuesday night at midnight Mountain Time. Paid Wednesdays, 8 days after the close of each weekly period.

Commissions: To remain Active, you must be on a monthly subscription (minimum 70 PV) or purchase a qualifying Secure1475 Pack.

  • Personally sponsor 1 Active Brand Partner on your Left Team, and 1 Active Brand Partner on your Right Team to be Qualified for Ranks and Two Team Pay.
  • Minimum 100 CV in your lesser-volume team is required to generate Two Team Pay.
  • Pays on the full lesser-volume team amount as long as it is 100 or more.

Watch tutorials under the RESOURCES section:

  • What Is Digital Profit
  • Add, Tag, Message
  • Echo Trade LIVE Onboarding
  • Rewards Plan